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A Playground A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

It's time to get out of the house and check out the playgrounds Denton has. We've been updating them, so they might be different from the last time you went. Can you visit these 5 in May?

1. Eureka 2 | 501 Hobson Ln.

This might be the most popular playground in Denton, and there's a good reason for it! It was a community-build project and hundreds of volunteers came out to make this playground a reality. With ziplines, climbing structures, and accessible features like swings and the merry-go-round, this is a playground that must be visited ASAP. 700

Bonus: The toddler area is set aside so the big kids can run freely without bumping into them. And, the entire playground has a fence with only one entrance/exit.

2. Spray Ground | Carl Gene Young Jr. Park, 327 S. Wood St.

Is there a better way to beat the summer heat than playing in water? The spray ground opens May 15 to the public- the first time since 2019! Get the kids in swimsuits and sunscreen and let them play in the water. Smash the button to start the water!

Bonus: We have a permanent bathroom there now! You're welcome in advance.

3. McKenna Playground | 700 N. Bonnie Brae St.200

We redid this playground in 2020, and the kids (and parents) are LOVING it. This is your ultimate climbing playground! But, it's not just about the colossal climbing area- this playground has so many slides and dueling zip lines! There is even an area to the side for toddlers so that all kids can play in one place.

Bonus: The retaining wall can be a great sitting area for parents or a balance beam for kiddos. A pavilion is coming soon for parties!

4. Denia Playground | 1001 Parvin St.

This isn't a huge playground, but that's no reason to sleep on it! The extra-wide, textured slide is so fun to go down (or up!) on. The toddler playground is a few steps away and has a chainlink fence around the entire area- plus, it has a shade cover, which is clutch for summer.

Bonus: The pavilion next to the playground is perfect for parties. And the basketball court and skate area are right by so the kids can enjoy more than just the playground.

5. North Lakes Playground | 2001 W. Windsor Dr.

If you're looking for a good playground, look no further. There's a wobbly bridge, lots of trees, no trolls under the wobbly bridge (unless an active imagination says otherwise), and even a leap frog structure. And, don't forget the cardboard to sled down the hill!

Bonus: There is so much to do at North Lakes that if y'all get tired of the playground, go on a walk on the Wildflower Trail, watch the RC Airplanes, or bring a fishing pole and see if the fish are biting!

Pro tip: Don't get mixed up and go to the playground at the baseball/softball fields. It may be closed when the fields aren't open!

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