Are you prepared for winter weather? Here's a checklist!

Chilly temperatures are here, serving as an important reminder to be ready for the hazards that can accompany winter weather. We've included a checklist below to help you and your family feel more prepared ahead of the cooler temps headed our way!

  1. Create an emergency plan at

  2. Sign up for CodeRED emergency notifications at

  3. Check on family members and neighbors who may need assistance.

  4. Bring pets and plants inside.

  5. Cover exposed pipes and turn off sprinkler systems.

  6. Drip water from your faucets and leave cabinets open to prevent freezing.

  7. Stock up on home essentials like water, non-perishable food, warm clothing, and batteries.

  8. Create a car emergency kit with items such as flashlight, first-ad kit, blankets, and jumper cables.

  9. Check your tires and complete other car maintenance.

  10. Install and test batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

When the temperature is expected to fall below 32 degrees, warming centers and other resources are available to anyone in need of shelter or assistance. For a list of public facilities, service providers, and emergency shelter locations, visit

If you experience a power outage due to the weather, call our emergency outage line at (940) 349-8700, and keep up to date on outages by viewing our outage map.

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