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Halloween Costume Contest

Many things are different this year, but we're still committed to maintaining some sense of normality. So, we're bringing our costume contests online!

It's simple, really. Upload a picture and select the correct category for it. You can upload photos to multiple categories if you want. Just remember to keep the photos family friendly!


Best Baby Costume(ages 1-5),

Best Youth Costume(ages 6-12),

Best Teen Costume(ages 13-18),

Best Adult Costume(ages 19 & up),

Best Pet

Then, ask your friends and family to vote! Everyone can vote ONCE a day on ONE entry. A valid email is required to vote. We won't be using these emails for anything other than to confirm the vote is from a real person. We will exclude all spam votes or fake emails. This is a fun contest- don't make it something it's not!

Once the contest ends on Nov. 3, we will see what picture had the most votes per category. Winners will receive a trophy and some candy. We will then randomly select three additional winners from all the submissions for gift baskets.

Click the image above or this link to go upload a picture and vote!

To see the full list of rules, please read the document below.

Halloween Contest Rules
PDF • 50KB

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