Hunting Permits for Sale

Did you know that hunting is allowed at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center? Obviously, it's not in the area where public trails are, but we do have a wildlife management area where it is allowed.

The hunting season is divided up into three different seasons, and hunters must purchase a permit for each hunting season. Deer hunting is never allowed.

Sept. 1-Oct. 31: Dove and feral hogs

Nov. 15-Jan. 2: Turkey and waterfowl

Feb. 1-May 31: Feral hogs and small game like rabbits and squirrel

Permits are $30, and the nonresident permit fee is $50. Get a permit online below. Additionally, all hunters must have a hunting license issued by the State of Texas.

There are also Youth-only Hunt Weekends on Jan. 8-9 and 15-16 (turkey and waterfowl).

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