Protect Our Water Source for Drinking Water Week

Celebrate Drinking Water Week from May 3 to 9. This year’s theme is “There When You Need It.” So, to celebrate the resource that we may at times take for granted, see the list below for ways you can help protect our water system.

  • Properly dispose of chemicals: Illegally dumping chemicals can be very bad for Denton’s environment. Call (940) 349-8700 to schedule a free collection of your unwanted home chemicals. Find out more at

  • Recycle your yard waste: We all take pride in the appearance of our homes and yards. However, blowing leaves into the gutter or dumping them into drainage ditches are activities with potentially serious consequences. Mulching is an easy and beneficial way to deal with leaves, just mow and leave on your lawn. Composting is another alternative —you can have homegrown fertilizer ready for planting. You can opt-in to our yard waste service and have your waste recycled into Dyno Dirt.

  • Reverse litter: Make the pledge for “Ten on Tuesday” by collecting 10 pieces of trash every Tuesday. Every year tons of trash and debris are washed into our creeks, rivers, and lakes after it rains. By taking the pledge, you are helping to keep North Texas waterways clean.

  • Maintain your wastewater system: Everything that goes down your sink or toilet ends up in our wastewater system. Don’t flush or pour out any household items—such as chemicals, baby wipes, or paper towels—which can harm our system. Only flush the 3 Ps – Pee, Poo and (Toilet) Paper. All other products can cause clogs to pipes and wastewater systems creating a messy situation and costly repairs. Please think twice before you flush!

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