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Suspect Detained Following Officer-Involved Shooting

DENTON, TX, May 26, 2021 – On May 26 at 12:32 a.m., officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call at 2411 S. I-35 E. The caller reported that they heard screaming and loud noises coming from an apartment. Officers responded to the area and attempted to make contact at the apartment. Officers knocked on the residence door several times but received no answer. No disturbance could be heard coming from inside the apartment, and officers cleared the scene.

At 2:33 a.m., officers were dispatched to a second domestic disturbance call at the same apartment. The same 911 caller reported hearing screaming, as well as loud pops. The caller specified they believed the loud noises heard could be gunshots. Officers arrived on scene within minutes and were able to make verbal contact with the suspect through the closed apartment door. Officers identified themselves as police and directed the suspect to exit the apartment so they could check on the welfare of everyone inside. The suspect refused verbally, and officers then heard what sounded like gunfire coming from the apartment. Additional officers were dispatched, and a perimeter was established around the apartment.

Without provocation, a white male suspect opened the front door of the apartment and appeared holding a handgun. Officers ordered the male to drop the weapon, and the male responded verbally with profanity, acknowledging the officers’ presence. The suspect retreated inside of the residence. A short time later the suspect appeared again in the doorway with a white female before retreating inside of the apartment.

Officers did not attempt to enter the residence, and the suspect appeared in the doorway for a third time. The suspect, with one hand on the female and the gun in his other hand, exited the apartment. The suspect pointed the weapon at the officers and shot at them. Two officers fired their weapons in response, striking the suspect in the lower abdominal area. The suspect was quickly detained, given first aid treatment, and transported to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment. His injuries are currently being described as non-life threatening. The female was moved to a safe location and was uninjured. The firearm used by the suspect was recovered and entered into evidence.

No officers were shot or injured during this incident. The Texas Rangers are conducting the officer-involved shooting investigation, while Internal Affairs will be conducting an administrative investigation. Both officers who fired their weapons are on administrative leave, pending the conclusion of the investigation.

The suspect is a 39-year-old white male, and the involved female is a white 29-year-old. At this time their relationship is not confirmed, but both the male and the female were residing together in this same apartment. There are pending criminal charges against the male.

This call highlights the continued dangers that victims, officers, and community members face when it comes to domestic violence. We would like to personally thank the 911 caller for being attentive and caring, and making the decision to call 911. Their call brought our attention to the ongoing domestic situation and provided our officers with important preliminary information.

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