We Live Among Coyotes

Updated: 4 days ago

It's true. They live here and have lived here longer than we have. Normally they stay out of our sight, but with new development encroaching on their habitats and it being mating season... that means you may see them occasionally. And that's okay! What's important is that you know how to react so that you and the coyote go on to have good days.

Our amazing Animal Services is also here to make sure you feel safe! They will come to your house and perform a yard audit. Can a coyote get in? Can your dog get out? If so, how can you fix that? They will also come to an HOA meeting to give educational chats. Call Julien at (940) 349-7694 and he will set you up!

How to co-exist with coyotes: DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE

Feeding coyotes can directly result in aggression toward people. Coyotes are

opportunistic omnivores and will frequently eat rodents; therefore, be aware of

anything that would attract rodents.


Pets that roam freely face many threats, such as injury by another animal or hit by

a car. Please keep your pets indoors, within a fence, or on a leash with you.


Coyotes usually do not cause conflict. Studies on urban environments show that

coyotes have predictable behavior patterns that can be adjusted. Coyote attacks

on people are extremely rare and can be prevented.


Hazing is making loud noises, like yelling or clapping, to scare off coyotes and is

used to discourage a coyote's presence by re-establishing its fear of humans.


Animal Services is available to assist with any animal-related questions. Residents can use the Engage Denton app to report coyote sightings and access the coyote sighting map. The DFW Wildlife Hotline, (972) 234-9453, is available 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

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