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August Yard of the Month Winners

Keep Denton Beautiful has judges that nominate beautiful yards in each district of Denton. Anyone can nominate a yard!

Take a walk around your neighborhood and find a beautiful yard to honor!

A public vote on their Facebook page determines the final winners. To learn more about the process or sign up to be a judge, visit their website.

In these summertime yards, you'll find a wide variety of native species. These Texas natives can hold their own in the heat with minimal need for supplemental watering. Environmentally friendly and beautiful- seems like a win-win to us!

301 Wrangler Ln. | District 1

Dave Myers has beds of beautiful flowers, herbs, and shrubs surrounding the front, side, and back of his townhome- some planted directly in the ground, others in attractive pots. In the backyard, the first thing you'll see is a large bunch of very prolific elephant ears (he gave away sixty "babies" last week alone!) and wrapping around the side of the house is an herb garden, surrounded by large stones taken from his family farm. On the corner, there is purple echinacea and mixed in-between all these lovely, happy plants are several varieties of dianthus, salvia, and sedum, among others.

Mr. Myers has clearly shown love to this bit of land, making it beautiful and productive with a bit of care and ingenuity. Many of these plants were propagated from cuttings or started from seed. However, one of the more notable plants is a three-year-old Vinca given to Mr. Myers' girlfriend after her brother passed. This is a yard built with love and full of memories, a hidden gem for anyone venturing through the area!

3221 Nottingham Dr. | District 2

Keith and Sharon Appleton keep a yard that is the perfect example of color, variety, and texture for shade gardens. Mr. Appleton designed the stunning hardscaping surrounding the house. Three years ago, the Appleton's decided to remove all the grass in the front yard, replacing it with a variety of native perennials and bushes. These include hydrangeas, ferns, Abelia, Japanese Maple, hosta, coral bells, aralia, ajuga, jasmine, Penta, autumn sage, mondo grass, and other native and adaptive plantings.

The garden is designed in tiers using rock and compost attractively showing off the plants. The many pollinators and tall water fountain make the yard attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. A joy to walk through!

2304 Windsor Farms Ln. | District 3

The Eastin's have landscaped their beautiful yard all on their own! Last year, the couple planted seeds rather than store-bought flowers as they had previously and have been happy with the results. They chose plants, intentionally selecting species that would grow in Texas with little maintenance. They also have roses, lilies, sunflowers, zinnias, boxwoods, hydrangeas, and more! Mrs. Eastin planted money grass along the driveway nostalgically because it grew at her childhood home.

618 Ector St. | District 3

Jean and Gary Judd have created a neat, well-manicured yard. About four years ago, the couple completed renovated the yard. They've installed a sprinkler system and put in the Saint Augustine grass that is so pretty now! A large oak tree in the front yard provides shade and a very long border of shrubs, periwinkles, and begonias top things off with cheerful color. The overall look is charming!

1916 Hollyhill Ln. | District 4

Lisa and Jim Biggerstaff have transformed their yard from the usual boxy planters with green shrubs to a garden that incorporates curves and statuary, hanging baskets, chimes, and colorful plants. The lawn is lush and green, and the trees' root flares are exposed, creating the space for the trees to breathe as they should. The plants they have chosen include Japanese Maples, a mix of evergreen shrubs, with varying bloom schedules such as October Magic Orchid Camellia. There are perennials, such as the beloved hostas and ferns, along with annuals for seasonal color.

On the south side, where it is difficult to grow plants, they have created a rock bed with native, flowing grasses that move in the breeze. This spot is just beneath a large window with a late 1800's stunning stain glass circle with eight fleurs-de-lis from a church south of Pittsburg, PA. The glass is lighted at night, creating an attractive and soothing shimmer of mostly jewel-tone colors.

3628 Helm Ln. | District 4

Lucyna Trottier, who is nearly 85, loves gardening and trying something new each year! Over the years, she has earned many awards from Best Balcony Garden in Poland, to neighborhood yard recognition awards here in Denton.

Ms. Trottier has a charming front garden that includes sable palms, Indian Hawthorne, chartreuse sweet potato vine, pots of lush red and white Mandevilla, and pretty Vinca spots. One will also find tall ornamental grasses, dwarf crepe myrtles, and holly.

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