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Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center Update

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is a gateway to ecological discovery. We are happy to announce that many of the main trails are fully open, recovered, and ready for hiking.

The heavy rains and flooding we had in fall 2019 left many trails underwater in the extended wetlands of the Lake Lewisville floodplain. Clear Creek staff and Master Naturalist volunteers have been working over the last year to fix and maintain the main trails while planting more native plants and restoring ecosystems.

The loop of the Wetlands Trail, Fisherman’s Trail, and Prairie Trail are open. The flooding washed out some bridges, and we recommend caution crossing over the gap at the dam. The Big Cottonwood Loop and Bois d’Arc Loop along Fisherman’s Trail are also open. High Trail remains muddy in some areas, and we have left some areas of the trail closed to allow them to thoroughly dry and to allow proper trail repair.

Walking, hiking, biking, and strollers in muddy/closed areas can cause long-term damage and erosion to trails, so we ask that visitors stay off these trails. Staff and volunteers work to maintain Clear Creek with conservation in mind, and often that means waiting for the best conditions to mow, trim, and maintain parts of the trails.

We want to remind our visitors going to Clear Creek that the majority of our trails are not paved, and may become narrow in some areas while we prioritize trail maintenance projects. It is always good to be aware of your surroundings when hiking in natural spaces and follow trail signs and updates. Clear Creek trails may have exposed tree roots and uneven terrain, wildlife including snakes, and plants such as poison ivy. Please wear proper clothing to protect yourself from plants, insects, and sun, and remember to drink water during your hikes. Please remember to Leave No Trace and prevent litter in natural spaces. Don’t leave trash or recyclables on the trails as this can harm wildlife, plants, and pollute our ecosystems.

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