Emergency Council Meeting on June 2, 2020


On Tuesday, June 2, Denton City Council convened in an Emergency Meeting at noon to discuss in a closed meeting the deployment and implementation of emergency declarations and orders relating to security personnel, critical infrastructure, or security devices pursuant to Security – Under Texas Government Code Section 551.089 and Consultation with Attorneys – Under Texas Government Code Section 551.071.

At the start of the closed meeting, Mayor Chris Watts shared his thoughts concerning Council Member Armintor’s ability to keep confidential sensitive information related to security and public safety strategies being shared by the Chief of Police. Mayor Watts shared that this was especially concerning at this time given the potential risk that the wrongful release of information could have on the Police Department’s ability to protect the public, properties, and officers.

It has been reported that Mayor Watts told Council Member Armintor that she could not deliberate. That is inaccurate. The Mayor is not authorized to unilaterally exclude her, nor did he ask for Council to do so. The Mayor shared his thoughts to open it for discussion by Council, but before any discussion by Council could begin, Council Member Armintor made the choice to leave the meeting. Council Member Armintor voluntarily recused herself and then left.

Mayor Watts and the Denton City Council continue to support peaceful demonstrations for residents’ voices to be heard in a safe manner.

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