North Lakes Has A New Disc Golf Course

Updated: Aug 6

Denton now has two disc golf courses! Learn about the Grand Opening on Aug. 7 here.

Denton Disc Golf and 940 Disc Golf approached the Parks and Rec department around two years ago with ideas to expand the North Lakes Disc Golf course and add other courses throughout the City. They quickly got to work and brought in volunteers who worked over 1,000 hours to make the course a reality.

The two courses are named for their geographical location Creekside and Lakeside. Novice players can gain experience on Creekside, where the baskets or holes are closer together. Lakeside is the course for anyone looking for a more advanced course, including longer drives.

The Denton Parks Foundation Executive Director, Brooke Moore, worked with local businesses to sponsor the course one basket at a time. Each sponsor is at the tee area.

Baskets from the previous 18 holes will be relocated to create a shorter 9-hole course at a Denton park, which park is yet to be determined. The remaining 9 baskets will be installed at the other rec centers to bring the joy of disc golf to a wider community.

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