Best Fishing Spots In Denton

Denton is fairly landlocked, but that doesn't mean we don't have some good fishing spots! If you know where to go, you and the family can have a wonderful day fishing and getting outside.

South Lakes Pond

556 Hobson Ln.

Catfish and Trout

This pond is stocked regularly as part of the Neighborhood Fishin' program from Texas Parks and Wildlife. You can see the full schedule online here. Pictured to the right.

"I love taking my kids here. It's easy to access and well-stocked so they have a great time." -Drew Huffman, Parks and Rec Assistant Director

North Lakes Park

2001 Windsor Dr.

Catfish, Sun Fish, Bluegill, and some Bass

This park actually has two ponds! One is off of Windsor, and the other is off of Bonnie Brae. While neither are great for fishing from the banks, small paddle boats, canoes, etc. are more than welcome. There are also small piers.

Lake Forest Park

Stay tuned!

Behind the dog park there is a lovely pond. Currently, we are updating the dam, and all the fish will be removed while the pond is getting a facelift. No worries, though- it will be back soon with the fish returned and looking better than ever!

Frontier Pond

Bass, Catfish, Perch

This is a great, smaller pond tucked behind a neighborhood. You'll love it! (Pictured to the right)

Montecito Pond in Cross Timbers Park

7112 Montecito Dr.

Bass Catfish, Perch

This lovely pond is tucked into a fantastic park with fun trails. Our Park Manager, Craig Arrington said it's "a great place to take a small child to catch Blue Gill. There are tons in there and will keep kids with very little patience entertained."

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

3310 Collins Rd.

If you haven't been to Clear Creek you're missing out on a gorgeous nature space. There are miles of trails, plenty of native animals, and ponds where you can fish for most local types of fish. Pictured to the right. Learn more about Clear Creek here.

Anyone over 18 will need a fishing license, which you can buy at any sporting store.

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